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We specialize in licensing pharmaceutical medicines and medical devices, bringing life-changing treatments to patients in Latin America.




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We Empower Health Regionally

Supported by our teams of local experts, we partner with innovative health science companies to help them register, commercialize, and prolong the life of their products in Latin America.

We apply our deep expertise, local market knowledge, and strong customer relationships to benefit our partners as well as patients and healthcare professionals we serve.


Global Reach, Latin American Expertise

Deep Expertise



With decades of experience in the multinational life science space, we believe our agile and forward-thinking structure combined with local markets knowledge, and strong customer relationships, ensure the benefit of our partners as well as the patients and healthcare professionals we serve.

Strong Customer Relationships

By cultivating a mindset of long-term partnership, while being adaptable to changing circumstances in an ever growing region, DUX proactively seeks to understand the needs and objectives of partners, aligning strategies to support their goals while also meeting the company's objectives.

International Quality

We seamlessly manage all our operations and conduct our internal processes in flawless compliance with international regulations, keeping our staff trained and up to date to the highest standards of the life science industry.

Licence Management Connoisseurs

We offer a turnkey solution to accelerate life science companies' growth in LATAM, becoming the Partner of Choice for launching new treatments. We maintain transparent communication with licensors, promptly addressing concerns and providing regular updates on the progress of licensed products and technologies.


One-Stop Partner for Latin America


One-Stop Partner for Latin America


By emphasizing integrity and a strong dedication to patient well-being, our organization is driven to create impactful solutions through the representation and commercialization of cutting-edge, original products. We partner with world-renowned companies and license-in their portfolio to enhance our innovative offerings. This approach allows us to address the unique healthcare challenges faced by patients in Latin America, guaranteeing that they have access to effective and reliable treatments. Our commitment goes beyond innovation; it is about delivering quality care and making a positive difference in the lives of those we serve in the LATAM region.

From Local to Global

In our role as enablers for Latin American health science companies, we prioritize enhancing their visibility and facilitating accelerated growth and performance. By transcending geographical boundaries, we provide these companies with the support and resources they need to thrive on a global scale. Through strategic partnerships, targeted initiatives, and leveraging our expertise, we empower these companies to unlock their full potential and expand their impact beyond their local markets. Our focus is on propelling the success of Latin American health science companies and positioning them as key players in the international healthcare arena.

Portfolio Expansion

Our commitment is to Latam companies, providing products and services to foster growth and success. Offering proven treatments, from rare disease molecules, through healthcare technology solutions to cutting-edge medical devices, we ensure effectiveness globally. We assist in revenue growth, market expansion, operational efficiency and achieving business goals. Our approach includes a wide range of treatments, consulting services, training programs and ongoing support. Collaboratively, we develop line extensions and portfolio expansions, enabling companies to diversify product offerings and enter new markets sustainably for long-term growth.

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